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If you look at our ‘Furniture Suppliers’ page on our website, we briefly outline the main manufacturers of our excellent and varied furniture range. Two of those mentioned are German brands. This tends to be because the Germans are at the forefront of cutting edge kitchen design, they value practicality and effective use of space very highly and their passion for quality is unmatched

You will have heard us mention ‘Eggersmann’ as a German brand that we supply. These kitchens are fantastic but come with a very hefty pricetag. ‘Kuhlmann’ are another German company that specialise in mid-price kitchens – good quality but without the same high prices as Eggersmann.

Today we would like to focus on a brand that is fast becoming one of our favourites! 

Another German brand, Beeck excel in their truly bespoke service and excellent quality products. Beeck are a family-run business that manufacture all their products themselves. No kitchen is an ‘off-the-shelf’ kitchen, but everything is made bespoke for the customer. 

Beeck stone

What really set Beeck Kitchens apart is the sheer amount of choice they provide when it comes to personalising your kitchen. There are EIGHTY kitchen styles available, with over THREE THOUSAND fronts to choose from. Walking into the Beeck showroom in Germany is like walking into bespoke kitchen heaven! If you can imagine it, Lacewood will design it and Beeck will make it for you – when you see their showroom, you know they mean it!

Beeck floatingbeeck wood2

Beeck wood

Beeck also provide a huge amount of flexibility in terms of finishes, colours and unit sizes, with a catalogue of different handle/knob choices and even 19 different types/colours of glass for the glazed kitchen units. Beeck designs are largely contemporary, but they do feature more classic options, which is where they differ from Kuhlmann.

beeck classic

As you might expect from such a flexible company, Beeck also offer all the corner unit storage solutions, pull-out larder units, drawer and cupboard solutions and interesting handleless options that you could possibly need. They even provide suspended wall units that open on their own, with just a single tap to the corner of the unit door (see video below – we have these in our showroom if you’d like to have a look!)


What really sets Beeck apart for us is that their ethos is exactly the same as ours – they believe in quality products that are made for the customer – not mass produced, ‘off the shelf’ designs. We love their flexibility, their huge range of choice and the confidence that we have that they will continue to stay at the forefront of technology and contemporary design. We really trust Beeck and we hope you will too!

If you would like us to design a fantastic Beeck kitchen for you, please contact us on 01722 321447 or e-mail: [email protected]