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There’s nothing better than sitting down with family and friends to a delicious Christmas dinner, candles on the table and crackers at the ready  – that is, unless you’re the person that did the cooking! By the time the food is ready, you are probably exhausted and all set for a nap! I know people that dread Christmas for the lunch alone!

The truth is, we don’t think Christmas dinner has to be stressful! At Lacewood Designs, we get a lot of customers that want their new kitchens fitted in time for Christmas. There is no greater time to utilise a fantastic new kitchen than when you are entertaining many family and friends with delicious festive food – and because of the way we design bespoke kitchens that are made to work for our customers, the job of cooking a big meal becomes a whole lot easier!

So, we know we can’t get your new kitchen installed before 25th December this year, but we want to give you some ideas for the big re-design in 2016!

There is a huge amount to prepare for a festive feast and worktop space is essential for all that chopping! For advice about the different types of worktop that might work for you, check out the guide on our website. If there isn’t enough room around the edges of the kitchen, with our bespoke service, we can create a fabulous kitchen island for you, with whatever storage you require, from drawers and cupboards, to shelves and display space. Here’s one we created recently – this beautiful island features storage cupboards, drawers, and an unusual curved unit with a wooden chopping board at one end. There is also a pull-up socket on the island and a very striking granite worktop in Colonial Gold.


You’re going to need a lot of oven room for that huge turkey, the roasties, parsnips and carrots (and that’s just the first course!) so we cannot recommend a double oven highly enough! Take the faithful Siemens IQ500 built-in double multi-function oven. It has plenty of room for your entire Christmas feast, has an ecoClean coating which makes cleaning it easier once the cooking is done and 3D hot air cooking innovatively distributes the heat so sweet and savoury foods can be cooked at the same time without flavours and smells intermingling – perfect!


If a built-in oven is not what you are looking for, we offer a fantastic collection of range ovens from a number of suppliers including Steel – Stile in Cucina, Aga and Rangemaster. 

We know the average kettle will only make enough hot water to prepare tea for half of your Christmas guests and with the amount of tea that Aunty Mabel drinks, it’s going to be on ‘boil’ for most of Christmas day! So, why not consider an instant hot water tap

In short, they act as a normal tap but dispense water at a temperature of 94°C-100°C via a small tank hidden in a cupboard underneath the work surface or sink. The insulated tank is linked to the water supply and heated electrically to keep it at 100°C. They save a huge amount of time if you need a lot of hot water at once – perfect for boiling lots of veg or making a cuppa for the whole family. 


Storage for your Christmas provisions is essential and we absolutely love built-in larder units for their usefulness all year round! These can be kitted out with shelving, spice racks, drawers and baskets and provide a huge amount of storage room. The one below was recently fitted in a beautiful kitchen and is made from solid wood with spice racks lining the door and drawers below. IMG_7135

If there is no room for a built-in larder, we can also provide a slimmer option – a pull-out larder with shelving, which can be made in a number of widths, but takes up significantly less space. These can be half size and made as a base unit or full length. They can also be made from one long door or open as two separate compartments.


We hope your guests will thank you for your hard work preparing such a delicious Christmas meal with a lovely bottle of wine. If they do, you’re going to need somewhere to store it! We can offer a selection of lovely wine racks, built into base units or even over a fridge to utilise kitchen space effectively (like in the photo below). We can also offer a selection of excellent wine fridges (as can also be seen on the left of the image below). 


We hope we’ve given you some ideas to get you excited about re-designing your kitchen in 2016! Our ethos is all about making kitchens that are designed just for our customers – not ‘off-the-shelf’ designs, so we really would love to design something just for you! 

Please contact us on 01722 321447 or e-mail: [email protected] to book your FREE design consultation and get your Christmas kitchen for 2016! We look forward to hearing from you.