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I’m sorry if the title of this post led you to believe that I am enjoying a luxury holiday on a desert island. Sadly I am still facing the cold October weather of England, bundled up in as many layers as possible. I think it’s in the Winter that kitchens really come into their own as we begin to produce delicious, cockle-warming soups and roasts, the hot chocolate makes it’s appearance once again and the fruit that is currently drenched in brandy in my kitchen waits patiently to be turned into a moist Christmas fruit cake.

Despite the weather and my distraction with all things delicious, I am excited to be producing quotations for some really unusual kitchen designs this week, incorporating a few of my favourite kitchen ideas – the island and the breakfast bar.

The definition of a kitchen-diner is developing. Thanks to self-standing islands and breakfast bars, traditional dining tables in kitchen-diners could become obsolete as sitting, eating and even entertaining in the kitchen becomes even easier.

Thanks to innovative and contemporary designs, the kitchen island is no longer a ‘traditional’ rectangular unit that simply creates more storage space and a larger work surface. Many kitchen islands now include their own breakfast bar too and some of the most innovative are cleverly shaped to form a dining space and separate seating area.

So why consider an island in your new kitchen?

Well, if you want your kitchen to be truly bespoke, an island or breakfast bar may be the best place to unleash your creativity. How about having your hob on the island or perhaps your sink? We recently produced a quotation for a kitchen where the extractor was hidden underneath the surface of the island and would rise from the worktop when needed. Amazing!

Here are some advantages of an island in the kitchen:
• Reduces walking distance in a large kitchen
• Can add variety to chosen kitchen units (island often have a different colour door or work surface to the rest of a kitchen)
• Islands can be modern, stylish and they tend to be very aesthetically pleasing, providing a focal point in your kitchen.
• They provide Extra storage and workspace
• A built-in dining and seating area removes all need for a dining table.
• They are hugely customisable
• You could keep your dining table and have the island designed to fit cleverly around it.

Kitchen islands do not often come as a complete unit but require a lot of design work and clever planning from a kitchen designer. It is their job to thoroughly discuss your needs and ideas with you and create something that you love. Our advice would be to take time thinking about what you want, look for design inspiration in magazines and online and be realistic about your budget. Consider if you would like/have room for a dining area as part of the island. How many people should it seat? Would you like breakfast bar stools or a more solid seating construction.

At Lacewood Designs we want to make your ideas into a reality. It might not be a cocktail bar on a beautiful island, but it might still be a dream come true….