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It’s been said many times that ‘The kitchen is the heart of the home’.

Despite having a long, narrow ‘galley’ kitchen with no real area to sit, my husband and I have spent many happy hours perched happily on the worktops (don’t tell my mother!), chatting about the events of the day while a pot of something delicious boils away on the hob. Even when I was 9 months pregnant I would still somehow manage to squeeze between the units and clamber onto the worktop for our evening conversations. The question is why? We have comfortable sofas and a fireplace just feet away where we would be far more comfortable. Why insist on being in the kitchen?

I believe the answer is because a kitchen has a heartbeat. It is a living, breathing, active room, constantly adapting to your life and your family. A kitchen is where your dinner guests congregate with a glass of wine while you whip up a feast for the night. It is where your children have their first experience of weighing, measuring, mixing and pouring as they bake their first birthday cake for Daddy. The kitchen is the hub of the home; the safe, comfortable zone where nourishment is always on hand (along with naughty little treats!) and someone will almost always be there for conversation and quality time.

At Lacewood Designs, we understand the importance of the kitchen in a home. Every kitchen we design is tailored to the individual specifications of our customer. We are flexible and understanding, every one of our kitchens is unique, our stock range is huge and if it isn’t available in a catalogue, you also have the option of us designing and creating your kitchen from scratch.

With almost 25 years experience, THE KITCHEN EXPERTS at Lacewood Designs are the people to keep the heart of your home alive for many years to come.

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