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Our last blog was about the amazing contemporary designs you can choose from when purchasing a new extractor hood. Today we want to focus on some of the groundbreaking technology that is transforming the way extractors work.

Using plasma technology, Lacewood suppliers Falmec and Steel Cucine have created extractor hoods that re-circulate the extracted air back into the house AFTER converting the polluted air into clean air, while still keeping the heat inside – instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. These extractors are hugely environmentally friendly and a really amazing piece of modern technology! With developers now building homes with zero carbon impact on the environment, it seems ridiculous to have extractors that are pumping hot air into the environment, so this technology really seems like the way forward as 21st century families aim to be more and more ‘green’.

In Germany, particularly, these extractors are essential, because building regulations prevent venting hot air externally, so builders have no choice but to use extractor technology like this.

Let’s take Falmec’s example for more information about their plasma technology.

Recent international studies suggested that indoor air quality is averagely poor and can often be more polluted than outdoor air, so Falmec have developed technology that has been patented to fit inside an extractor hood. This hood has the ability to remove viruses and bacteria, mould and fungi, spores and allergens, cigarette smoke and 95% of odours and does not emit ozone into the atmosphere.

The Falmec technology also has a sensor which analyses air quality and shows a ‘leaf’ symbol in green when the air quality is good and yellow, if the air quality is not. If turned on, it will then purify the air until the leaf turns green again.


This technology can be implemented in any kind of cooker hood, so if the hanging pendant-style extractor is what you are looking for, it won’t be a problem!

We are so impressed with this technology and this video really explains how it all works. It’s a fascinating watch. Promise!