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This week Graham and I were discussing how big companies price their kitchens. It led me to feel a little frustrated at their seemingly dishonest approach. Maybe they have studied the psychology of how humans react to discount and think it’s a good idea, but it doesn’t sit comfortably with us at Lacewood Designs. We’re not in the habit of naming and shaming companies, so we won’t be doing that here! What you probably know from your own experience, however, is that if you visit a number of the large, high street kitchen companies, you are going to have a very different experience when it comes to discussing money, than if you were to visit the showroom of an independent designer, like Lacewood.


I have already written about why we cannot compete on price with the major high street kitchen suppliers in a previous post – http://www.lacewooddesigns.co.uk/price-versus-service-great-debate/ – but today I want to address why we choose to price differently. At Lacewood Designs, we believe in the power of honesty and good service. When a customer comes to us and asks us to design a kitchen and produce a price quotation, we do this always with our customer in mind. We spend a lot of time considering their needs and requirements. Where our customers have a limited budget, we do our very best to stay within this! Our prices are always honest and upfront. Any discount we offer is a gesture of goodwill and not something we are able to always offer. There are times when we are presented with a quotation from a high street brand and our potential customers hope that we will meet this. Unfortunately, to do so may mean we make no profit at all! What we do NOT do is:

  • Inflate our prices massively so that when we produce a quotation, we look extremely impressive by later offering up to 70% discount off the original price.
  • Inflate our prices just before a sale and then pretend to cut them by a massive margin.

At Lacewood Designs our furniture, doors, appliances, accessories, worktops and handles have a normal price and we are happy to discuss these at any time. We often run promotions, offering a free hob or dishwasher, for example and can occasionally offer personal discounts on certain products. If a kitchen quotation does not fit within a potential customer’s budget, we will attempt to re-price using an alternative door or cheaper appliances/accessories. We cannot compete with the discounts that high street brands offer, but we can offer excellent service, a bespoke, quality kitchen that is completely designed with you in mind! Our prices are also very competitive when compared with other independent designers!

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