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Independent kitchen designers cannot compete on price with big brands like B&Q or Ikea.

If you really think about it, the difference between the two types of service is huge.

B&Q sell mass-produced kitchens. Independent designers sell bespoke kitchens.

B&Q staff will design your new kitchen on a computer in store using your own measurements. Independent designers come to your house and measure the kitchen, assessing the space and light of the room before producing a design.

Just as a made-to-measure suit would cost more than one straight off-the-shelf, a bespoke kitchen will almost always cost more than a kitchen that is mass-produced.

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There is nothing wrong with a mass-produced kitchen. The difference between big brands and independent designers is the type of service they offer! Independent designers:

  • Offer flexibility when it comes to altering unit and door sizes.
  • Allow you to be involved in the design process, making as many changes as your require until you are completely happy.
  • Can supply doors, worktops and accessories from a wealth of suppliers around the world.
  • Are able to provide completely bespoke items such as dresser units, shelving, unusually shaped worktops etc.
  • Usually have first-hand experience fitting kitchens themselves and can deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Will usually oversee the whole process of your dream kitchen, from inspiration to installation.
  • Often sell at very competitive prices (just not as cheap as those selling mass-produced kitchens).
  • Usually provide higher quality products.
  • Can offer you personal discounts.
  • Visit your house to measure up accurately and provide advice about plumbing and electricals.

At Lacewood Designs we often have customers come to us with quotations from big branded kitchen shops. Sometimes the levels of service, expertise and personalisation we offer can beat a lower price. Other times they can’t. Why not let show you why we believe great service AND competitive prices is the way to go? Call us on 01722 321447 or e-mail: [email protected] and let us design your dream kitchen.