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Splashbacks are often an afterthought of kitchen design – considered once the doors, worktops and appliances have been chosen. If you are a creative person, however, the way you use your splashbacks can bring a whole new look to your kitchen!

Firstly, it’s important to know what the options are when it comes to materials. As with worktops, there are a large number of choices available which vary hugely in price.

The most popular choice for decades has been tiles. The advantage is that there a HUGE number of styles available, ranging from standard white brick tiles to ornate and delicate printed tiles, so you can be very creative.

Tiles are easy to fit within a budget as there are so many available at different prices. The disadvantage is that they are not particularly easy to keep clean and grout can easily become stained over time.

A more contemporary option would be a stainless steel splashback. These match beautifully with stainless steel appliances, but they do show marks quite easily and require a special stainless steel cleaner, making them higher maintenance than other options.

Should you wish to match with your worktops, most worktop materials can also be cut to splashback size pieces. These include granite, engineered stone/quartz, laminate, solid surface (corian/wharf) and glass. Obviously some of these splashbacks could seriously add to the cost of your kitchen, particularly if you chose granite or engineered stone – but they do look fantastic and are long-lasting.

Finally – and this is where you can get really creative with your kitchen – comes the increasingly popular glass splashback. The beauty of this choice is that you can print any colour, image or design onto the back.

From plain red, smiling images of your children, floral scenes or pictures of cathedrals – the possibilities are endless. They are also very easy to keep clean and relatively inexpensive compared to other options (approx £175+VAT for a 80cm x 90cm coloured splashback). They are also great for matching with kitchen accessories and allowing your kitchen to gloat that it really is ‘one-of-a-kind’. Check out this lovely tulip splashback from my-glass-splashbacks.co.uk – it looks fantastic and adds a real ‘wow’ factor the kitchen.

We are able to supply fantastic splashbacks in a range of materials, styles and colours – or come with your own idea and we’ll have your own image printed in whatever size you require.

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