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Recently we’ve been lucky enough to have some really huge kitchen projects in absolutely stunning period or new-build homes. The kitchens we have shown you like this beautiful in-frame design in a former conservatory and this classic painted design in a new build-home would both be described as our ‘Elite’ range of kitchens – the top of the line that we have to offer.

Today we want to show you a project that is one of our ‘Mid-priced’ kitchens. It seems to me that most homes are long-term projects; there always seems to be a list of things to do, from putting in the new bathroom to finally getting quotes for the much awaited kitchen. This was very much the case in our latest project. The kitchen was designed over 18 months ago and loved by the homeowners, but they needed to wait for a suitable time and for other projects to be completed first. We were more than happy to save their design, so when they recently returned to us and gave us the green light, we only had to tweak a few things and we were ready to go!KIRBY1

Our clients chose a solid wood door called ‘Madison Oak’ which was finished with stainless steel handles and veneer end panels. It’s unusual in a mid-priced kitchen to have solid wood end panels because the veneer we offer is such a good match for real wood, that using veneer can be an excellent place to save money for other exciting things – like a more expensive worktop! In this case, our clients picked a lovely Mirostone acrylic worktop. The beauty of a worktop like this is that it appears ‘seamless’ as the joints are sanded out when it is installed, producing one long piece of smooth workspaceKIRBY3

We installed a Siemens IQ500 double oven, a Siemens extractor and a fantastic Flexinduction hob. This kind of hob works as a normal induction hob, but has the beauty of being flexible because ofthe induction cooking ‘zones’, so you are not limited by what size pots or pans you use on it – (Read more here).

Since completing the kitchen, Jess has actually visited the property a few times on social visits and each time there have been new improvements to the kitchen – from replacing a set of windows with a fab pair of French doors, to re-painting the whole room and installing new lights. While we love being part of a huge project for a new build home, it really brings us satisfaction when we see happy customers finally achieving their dreams of replacing a tired old kitchen with something that they really love – knowing that it really will be the hub of their home!

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