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Let’s talk about German kitchens.

“Oooh, pricey!”, I hear you say.

Not anymore!

For decades the Germans have been pioneers in kitchen design, leading the way with their innovative ideas and excellent quality products. Understandably, the price tag on these fantastic kitchens has been as high as the quality!

I am pleased to say that things are changing! At Lacewood Designs we are excited to announce that we are now official suppliers of the fantastic Kuhlmann range of kitchens.

These excellent German kitchens are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, in both contemporary and more traditional designs.

Zena and Vada

What sets Kuhlmann apart from other companies is their history of being a family-run company, their passion for quality and the excellent value of their products. These mid-price kitchens are both aesthetically and economically pleasing!

Keno and Rino

The kitchen below could cost you as little as £3366 in the Kuhlmann ‘Mila’ design. This price includes all units, doors, handles and plinth.

Here’s what the directors of Kuhlmann say about their vision:

“Kitchens shouldn’t just work anymore, they need to be tailored above all to the life which is lived in them. So, suddenly, they become the centre point of the home. The place where you receive friends and entertain. The place where you meet, talk, laugh, cry and discuss. – This is where people make decisions, get the homework done, surf the Net, decorate birthday cakes and make gifts, call friends and relatives and, yes, cook and eat with them too. 

Your kitchen is where you live. And that’s just what we make our kitchens for: for everything that’s in life.”

For more information about Kuhlmann kitchens, give us a call on 01722 321447 or e-mail: [email protected]