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This week our kitchen expert, Graham, popped over to Germany for the day to see the latest offerings from Kuhlmann Kitchens (see previous blog – http://www.lacewooddesigns.co.uk/kuhlmannkitchens)

There are a few new doors in some interesting colours (green or wine red anyone?) but what we are really impressed with is the latest storage offering.

This extremely clever unit is so good that they have patented the design!

Kuhlmann MultilevelBasically it’s a piece of furniture that is ideal for peninsulas or the end of a kitchen island. It provides 2-way storage so no angle is wasted and cleverly fits up to SIX drawers into just one unit, in two directions.

The exciting thing is also the flexibility! This unit is available in ALL of the Kuhlmann door options and it is also possible to use different door options for the two sides of the unit, should you wish to add some extra interest to your kitchen with contrasting door styles.

Kuhlmann offer an enormous range of different units with extremely good optional accessories. Anything you can imagine, they probably create (which is why their brochure weighs about 10kg!).

Another of their popular units is the equivalent to a pull-out larder, but with hinged doors and pull-out drawers with glass fronts for easy view. This new system saves the effort of pulling out the whole larder unit, and has apparently become more popular than their traditional larder system.


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