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Kitchen Design Tips: Talking about Money

British people are quite private when it comes to discussing money! You wouldn’t dare ask how much your friends paid for their beautiful new home. Most of us don’t know how much our friends earn….and we can only wonder how Janet and Rod   down the road afford their annual luxury cruise.

There are, however, times when talking about money is not only sensible, but necessary! One of these situations is when you are hoping to buy a new kitchen.

Before I joined the kitchen business, I had NO IDEA how much a kitchen might cost. Any guess I made would have been based on Ikea prices that I spotted on big yellow labels around the shop! These were usually their discontinued lines, like the lime green vinyl wrap doors that no-one else could bear to look at on a daily basis.

It’s important that when you go to choose a new kitchen, you have really considered how much you want to spend! Is building or plumbing work going to be involved? Do you want new appliances or just new furniture? Have you budgeted for extra costs like wall tiles?

Kitchens vary HUGELY in price depending on the door style and material, worktop, number of appliances needed, storage accessories etc etc. This is why we believe that a good kitchen designer should discuss your budget with you during an INITIAL CONSULTATION and no later! How devastating it would be if your designer produced a fantastic kitchen for you – one that ticked all the boxes……but was completely out of your budget! Not only would you be disappointed, it’s likely that you would expect all his future ideas to be out of your budget range too….and you would take your business elsewhere! Big fail for the designer!

IF he knows how much you wish to spend on a new kitchen, the designer can be upfront and honest about which doors, worktops and appliances fit best within your price range. A good designer will NOT try to oversell to you and blow your budget. He or she will aim to FIT WITHIN your budget…..or be completely honest and tell you if what you want is unlikely to happen with the money you are able to spend.

When looking for a kitchen designer, try to prepare yourself to discuss money! An independent designer will not be willing to lose your custom because he foolishly tried to make you spend more and more and more. He will want to give you a good kitchen at a price that suits you!

At Lacewood Designs, we’ve taken it one step further and arranged our products into 3 price ranges – Value, Classic and Prestige. We also have an example of a small kitchen in each of the ranges with upfront prices, so you can easily see the difference and where your budget might fit.

For more information on our products or to have Graham come and design your new kitchen for you, call us on 01722 321447. We promise to be honest with our advice, transparent with our prices……and to give you a quality kitchen at a competitive cost!

We look forward to hearing from you!