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Say the word ‘kitchen extractor’ and many people will still see a stainless steel box, stuck somewhere above a hob that makes a horrendous noise when you turn it on.

I am sure you are well aware that those days well and truly over! The design of kitchen extractors has evolved so much in the past decade that it’s astonishing what is now available.

Take this beautiful over-counter kitchen light, for example. Your dinner guests would be surprised and impressed to discover that it is a fully working extractor hood by Elica. With dishwasher proof metal grease filters and long life odour filters it is as functional as it is stunning!


Want something less obvious? Gutmann offer this fanastic built-in ceiling extractor. Completely integrated and controlled by a remote, air is drawn at high speed through the extractor on all four sides, making this both discrete and highly effective.


If you really don’t want to see your extractor until you have to, Elica also offer a ‘pop-up’ extractor that sits comfortably within your workspace. Highly efficient and controlled by remote, it doesn’t get much more innovative than this!


Elica are actually one of the suppliers that really ‘push the boat out’ when it comes to contemporary design. As soon as you visit their website, you are presented with a list of the possibilites:

  • Wall-mounted hoods
  • Canopy hoods
  • Corner hood
  • Suspended (like the beautiful pendant light one above)
  • Downdraft (the ones that pop out of a flat work surface)
  • Ceiling
  • Island-mounted¬†
  • Built-in hoods (aka concealed)

Not only are the designs extremely interesting, they are usually available in a range of colours AND the technology behind them is good, meaning they aren’t horrendously noisy or difficult to use.¬†

Our next blog will be about the groundbreaking plasma technology behind some of the world’s newest extractor designs, so check back soon. For now we will leave you with some more of Elica’s unusual and contemporary hood designs.




For more information about the fantastic extractors we sell, contact us on 01722 321447. There are so many options that we are sure you’ll find something that is perfect for you.