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This week a friend of mine mentioned how much she would love an instant hot water tap in her new kitchen. Being quite new to the world of kitchens I wanted to find out more information and Graham, our kitchen expert, filled me in. Every time I discover a new kitchen gadget, my ‘wish list’ gets longer. A hot water tap is definitely the latest list addition!

In short, they act as a normal tap but dispense water at a temperature of 94°C-100°C via a small tank hidden in a cupboard underneath the work surface or sink. The insulated tank is linked to the water supply and heated electrically to keep it at 100°C.

The sad thing is that my faithful kettle would have to be retired, but I’d make the sacrifice for the many bonuses that these taps provide:

  • No more waiting for the kettle to boil – coffee or tea is instant and that Cuppa Soup is ready in seconds!
  • No kettle means no leads and more workspace in your kitchen.
  • You will only use the amount of water that you need. Most kettles are filled far more than necessary and spare water is thrown away.
  • Many tap designs come with a safety mechanism to make sure children CANNOT turn the hot water tap on and scald themselves.
  • As well as saving water by only dispensing what is needed, these taps are also relatively energy efficient. The tanks are so well insulated that it takes little energy to keep the water at boiling temperature. There is a lot of debate about how energy efficient these taps are and we wouldn’t recommend buying one purely to be ‘green’. The real selling point for these taps is how convenient and efficient they are, perfect for a busy kitchen environment.

With prices starting at £450, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford one.

Well, I’m sold! Now to convince my husband….