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Supply-Only Kitchens

At Lacewood Designs we are pleased to be able to offer a ‘Supply Only’ service. This means that if you like our work but live at the other end of the country, perhaps you have a family member that fits kitchens or you simply want to give it a go yourself, we are very happy to design, order and have your kitchen delivered to your door, without even having to meet you. If you have already had your kitchen designed and simply want to use us a one-stop shop, we are happy to see the design plans, put together a shopping list and order everything you will need for your new kitchen. It couldn’t be simpler.

Our ‘Supply Only’ service looks something like this:

    • You express an interest in our service.
    • We will send you a ‘Kitchen Consultation’ sheet via e-mail or post for you to fill in. We will give you advice about how to accurately measure your kitchen so we have the measurements that we require. At this point we also appreciate seeing any photos or hearing ideas you have about your new kitchen.
    • We will go away and produce a first draft of your kitchen design. This will then be e-mailed/posted to you.
    • We will discuss any feedback you may have in person, via e-mail or on the telephone.
    • Any necessary changes will be made and an estimate of costs will be produced and sent to you.
    • Once a final design has been decided upon, we will take a deposit of 15% of the total fee (This can be more if our suppliers require it – up to 50% if ordering granite worktops)
    • We will order all the components of your new kitchen and have them delivered to your door.


Many kitchen designers charge a fee for distance design work, but we currently offer this as a FREE service!