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This week I have the pleasure of writing about my own kitchen, which was beautifully designed by Graham at Lacewood Designs and installed by the excellent fitter, Jason just 3 weeks ago. The underfloor heating was provided by Lacewood but installed, with the wall and floor tiles, by Dave at Sarum Tile Studio (http://www.sarumtilestudio.com/), who is based in the same showroom as we are.

It was really interesting being on the other side of a kitchen design, seeing it from inspiration to installation – and being able to enjoy living with the finished product.

Firstly, here is a photo of the kitchen before we re-designed it, when the previous owners lived in the house.Before

It’s not a bad kitchen at all, but not having the sink under the window was a shame and we also wanted to knock a wall down to the left of the room, opening up a larger kitchen/dining space. 

Graham completely understood the best way to use the space. He cleverly moved the washing machine and dishwasher slightly apart, managed to get the sink under the window and, since we were blocking up a door and knocking down a wall, we were able to include a tall run of units where we could house our new Siemens double oven and also fit the fridge. This extra storage was essential as we lost all but one wall unit when we knocked the wall down. The peninsular that divides the kitchen and dining room has storage units on both sides, making sure no space is wasted.After2After1


After4Our worktop is a fantastic quality (and extremely economical!) laminate with a ‘radiance’ effect, meaning that it has a slight texture and glistens well in the light. Not being able to afford a stone worktop, this was the best lower-budget alternative and we think it looks great.

Things started getting a little more creative when it came to the splashback! I really did not want anything too plain, so did a lot of research and found an image I liked (and my husband agreed to!) which would look a bit unusual. This was printed onto glass and mounted behind our lovely new Siemens hob and extractor.


We also thought it would look great if our handles were a bit unusual, so we chose a range of vintage-style mismatching ceramic handles, mostly in black, white and grey.


We absolutely love the clean, excellent quality doors of this solid oak kitchen. They are made of such lovely wood and look brilliant in a modern or more classic kitchen.

They also look great with the beautiful porcelain ‘Stonehenge Caramel’ floor tiles and the Barford Craquele wall tiles. Dave at Sarum Tile Studio (http://www.sarumtilestudio.com/) did a great job. Lacewood Designs and Sarum Tile Studio often work in partnertship when re-designing kitchens, so if you have any tiling needs, do keep him in mind!

Floor Tiles

Graham included a pull-out bin in the run of tall units and a very handy carousel in the cupboard beneath the hob. These both make the best use of the space and keep the kitchen looking really tidy and organised!

We realise this kitchen may not be to everyone’s tastes, but we are really pleased with how it all works together. Graham did a fab job and worked with Jason to overcome a few small hurdles when fitting the kitchen (wonky walls etc), meaning that we knew it would all come together beautifully.

For more information about these solid oak doors or any other elements from our latest kitchen, give us a call on 01722 321447 or e-mail: [email protected]