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This week I was thinking about marketing.

It used to be the case that you could take out a half page spread in the local newspaper with just your telephone number printed at the bottom and that was your marketing done for the week.

With massive advances in technology, marketing has become something that requires a lot more understanding.

Complicated websites, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have caused marketing to become an ever-changing machine that can easily move quicker than the people that need it the most – the small companies that want to be remembered, despite not having million pound marketing budgets!

One thing good marketing can never compete against, however, is a good reputation!

It doesn’t matter how much money a company spends on their beautiful banner ads or billboard campaigns, if they products are bad quality and their customer service is awful, everyone will know about it!

Lacewood Designs has been running for over 25 years now – long before websites and e-mail marketing even existed. Our earliest marketing involved an advertisement in The Salisbury Journal and in the Yellow Pages. (Ah how times have changed!) Our marketing was mostly based on reputation and referrals at that time and is largely the same today. In fact, we value referrals from our past customers so much that we thank them for referring us with a gift.


Nowadays we certainly understand the importance of internet marketing, but it will never come at the expense of our customer service or reputation.

This is why we so value feedback from our customers – both good and constructive! It helps us to adapt our services to please our customers and make their experience of having a new kitchen as easy as possible.

Here’s what some of our customers have said:

    • I would like to thank you and your team for designing and installing my kitchen. My husband and I are delighted with the finished results and would gladly recommend you to anybody who would like to have a fabulous new kitchen. – Mrs O, Salisbury

    • Thank you for all your help and patience with us in designing the kitchen. We’re thrilled with the finished result. – Mrs B, Salisbury

    • I have no hesitation in recommending Lacewood Designs. They planned, delivered and installed a really wonderful kitchen for us which has been admired by many and it is a delight to work in too. – Mr J, Chilmark

    • Our old kitchen was so bad we ripped it out and used some freestanding shelves with crates for storage. Having seen our friend’s kitchen that Graham had designed and fitted, we knew his expertise was much needed in our own kitchen.  After outlining the requirements and budget, Graham presented us with his ideas and suggestions. We were extremely impressed with his creative and practical use of the space available, and when the time came the excellence of the fitting and the overall finish. Our kitchen and home have been transformed! – Mr and Mrs K, Salisbury

    • Graham Hooper designed and fitted our lovely kitchen almost 10 years ago at Kings Somborne in Hampshire and it is still looking great. I am thrilled that Graham is still flourishing and using his great design skills. – Mrs C, Kings Somborne

When you call Lacewood Designs for your free consultation appointment, know that you are not detailing with marketing experts, but with a company that have an excellent reputation! That’s why we’re still here 25 years on….