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Elite Kitchens

Our ‘Elite’ Kitchens

Our ‘Elite’ kitchens consist of many in-frame designs and on the more contemporary side, our high end German kitchens from Kuhlmann and Beeck. These kitchens are truly bespoke and designed and made entirely to meet your needs. With both traditional and contemporary designs available, these truly are a match for the best kitchens on the market.

Please see the gallery below for examples of our Elite kitchens:

 Features of our Elite kitchens:

  • We offer a range of excellent in-frame doors in your choice of solid timber. Hand-painted in-frame doors are beautiful and traditional. They can also be painted in any colour, giving you unlimited choice as to the look of your kitchen.
  • Our German ranges from Kuhlmann and Beeck are excellent quality and feature a huge amount of choice. All products from these suppliers are totally bespoke. See ‘Our Furniture Suppliers’ page for more information.
  • Our Elite kitchens feature our only ‘true handleless’ doors. These do NOT include a recess in the door, but are installed with specially made carcasses which allow room to open the doors without affecting the shape of the door itself. – These are incredibly contemporary and create a sleek and uncluttered look to a kitchen.

(See our GALLERY page for more photos of our latest kitchens)