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This week I searched for some new family recipes and found this great one on the Tesco website. It was delicious! I worried that it might be a little spicy for my son, but with rice he gobbled it down!

This is the photo of my finished attempt. I think it looks pretty yummy!


3 tablespoons of Red Thai Curry Paste
1 satchet of Creamed Coconut (Pataks do a good one and it’s much cheaper than coconut milk!)
400ml skimmed milk
4 spring onions, cut into short lengths
1 medium butternut squash, peeled and cubed
12 button mushrooms, quartered
250g cherry tomatoes, halved
Few drops of fish sauce, to season
Small bunch coriander, leaves chopped
Noodles or rice to serve
1 lime, cut into wedges, to serve

1. In a deep frying pan, heat the curry paste and coconut satchet together over a low heat, stirring. When the majority of the coconut has melted, pour in the milk, stir well, and bring to a simmer.

2. Add the butternut squash and cook for about 10-12 minutes, until the squash is just tender. Meanwhile, boil water and begin to cook your chosen rice or noodles.

3. Add the spring onions, mushrooms and tomatoes and simmer for another 5 minutes. If you wish to serve with naan bread, stick this under the grill now (don’t forget to sprinkle with water on either side first).

4. Season with fish sauce to taste, sprinkle over the washed and chopped coriander and serve on noodles or rice, with the lime wedges on the side.

5. Dig in and enjoy!


I love this meal because it is inexpensive, full of good ingredients and no meat is required! It is also incredibly versatile. Leave out the fish sauce and coriander if you like. Why not add some red or yellow peppers, courgettes or sweet potato? This dish would also taste excellent with salmon or chicken.