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This week I had the pleasure of photographing a kitchen we finished recently outside of Salisbury. We were approached by the customer who had a very clear idea of what she wanted her kitchen/dining room to look like. Our client wanted a contemporary, handless  workspace that was calm, relaxing, functional and easy to work in, so we presented her with a design from our Marpatt Airo High Gloss range. Below is a picture of the finished article. Airo Gloss White kitchen

The white gloss doors contrast beautiful with the stainless steel and black SIEMENS and AEG appliances, and the statement extractor becomes a focal point for the kitchen. The contrasting splash-back (Grahams favourite part of the kitchen) is a creative way to tie in with the ‘natural’ wallpaper at the dining end and ads a splash of colour and personality to an otherwise very neutral kitchen.

Statement extractor

The curved peninsular units soften the look of the kitchen. You will notice there is a distinct lack of wall units, which helps to de-clutter the kitchen making it look sleek and contemporary. The kitchen instead relies on base units for storage (of which there are plenty), and the dining area storage as overflow if needed.

Storage/Dining area Airo Gloss White

The flow from kitchen to storage/dining area is made seamless by the use of the same Airo High Gloss doors in both areas, and yet they still feel like two distinctly different rooms, thanks to the use of Sorizo granite worktops for the main kitchen, and wooden worktops in the dining/storage area to tie in with the dining room furniture. This shows the versatility of the Airo High Gloss range.

If you like this kitchen and would be interested in something similar, give us a call on 01722 321447 or email: [email protected]